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We have partnerships with several Radix projects to provide additional value to Radical Staking delegators, and we also have special giveaways for our delegators every now and then. The list below is updated regularly to reflect our latest promotions, so make sure to check it periodically or follow us on Twitter for announcements on the latest promotions, giveaways and token airdrops.

🥉 3rd place: 1,500 XRD + 1,000 DPH + 1,000 CAVIAR + 1 Shapeshifters of Drala whitelist spot + 1 Arcane Labyrinth + 1 Radorable + 1 Cerby + 1 Unisci + 1 Buff Wild

🥈 2nd place: 1,500 XRD + 1,000 IDA + 1,000 ASTRL + 1 Shapeshifters of Drala whitelist spot + 1 Arcane Labyrinth + 1 Radorable + 1 Cerby + 1 Unisci + 1 Buff Wild

🥇 1st place: 2,000 XRD + 1,000 OCI + 1 CAMEO Project Elysium token + 1 Shapeshifters of Drala whitelist spot + 1 Arcane Labyrinth + 1 Radorable + 1 Cerby + 1 Unisci + 1 Buff Wild

The three lucky winners will get away with the following bounty:

🔥 Eligibility for SRWA token airdrops!

🔥 Exclusive CAMEO Token that allows you to create your own Project Elysium graphic novel character for their upcoming NFT mint on Foton

🔥 3 whitelist spots for the upcoming Shapeshifters of Drala NFT mint on RadLand

Wait a minute, Shapeshifters of Drala and Project Elysium haven’t been minted yet! Also, what’s SRWA doing in there? That’s right, giveaway participants will get EXCLUSIVE access to:

Celebrate the Babylon launch with us by entering this amazing giveaway! 3 lucky winners will win prizes that include tokens from projects such as Ociswap, Xidar, Astrolescent and Delphibets, and NFTs from projects including Arcane Labyrinth, Shapeshifters of Drala, Project Elysium, Radorables, Cerby, Unisci, and Buff Wild!

✅  Submit your giveaway entry in the Google Form for staking verification:

✅  Like and retweet the announcement tweet:

✅  Stake 1,000 XRD or more with the SRWA validator node


Early SRWA delegators will be eligible for SRWA token airdrops in the future, so this is a limited-time opportunity to get in early and reserve your spot!


✅  Stake 1,000 XRD or more with Radical Staking

If you already delegate 1,000 XRD or more with us you’re good to go! If you’re not delegating with us, stake now and become a long-term delegator to take advantage of our ongoing CODE and ARC giveaways, as well as eligibility for SRWA token airdrops in the future

This giveaway will run from October 6 to October 20, and the winners will be announced on October 20 at 11:59 PM UTC. The Babylon launch was an amazing success and we’re sharing our excitement with the Radix community through this giveaway, so don’t hesitate and enter it now!


No. If your address is already whitelisted for the Shapeshifters of Drala mint then you will need to enter the giveaway with a different address that also meets the eligibility criteria described above.

If my address is already whitelisted for the Shapeshifters of Drala mint, do I get another spot with the same address if I win?

Collection of the information requested is necessary to ensure that the giveaway is not swarmed by bots, and also to validate that all participants have completed the mandatory steps to qualify for the giveaway, such as delegating a minimum of 1,000 XRD to Radical Staking and retweeting the giveaway announcement. The information submitted in the Google Form for your giveaway entry is protected by the the Google Advanced Protection Program, which provides multiple layers of security protection; for example, this includes multi-factor authentication with a physical YubiKey. The information submitted will not be shared, and only the X/Tweeter addresses will be exported for the random draw. The Google Forms information will be permanently deleted once the random draw for the giveaway is completed.

Why are you collecting all this information in the Google Form? How is the information stored in the Google Form protected? What is your confidentiality and data retention policy for this information?

We ensure a fair random draw by using By using an independent third-party service to make the random draw, we can take comfort in the fact that the random draw results will be fair, unbiased, and reliable.

How do you ensure a fair random draw? Is your giveaway audited by a 3rd party?

Giveaway FAQ

How many RWA tokens will I get from the SRWA team, and when will I get them?

The SRWA team has not finalized their plans for how many RWA tokens will be given as airdrops, when they will be given, and how the tokens will be distributed. However, the team confirmed that they plan to do an exclusive airdrop to participants of this giveaway, and possibly provide additional airdrops and other incentives to early project supporters that delegate to both Radical Staking and the SRWA validator nodes, stay staked long-term with both validator nodes, join the SRWA Telegram, and follow SRWA on X.

If I stake to the SRWA and Radical Staking validator nodes as required by the giveaway eligibility criteria, and then deposit my Liquid Staking Units (LSUs) into the CaviarNine LSU Pool, is there any impact on my participation in the giveaway?

Yes, participation in the CaviarNine LSU Pool can impact your participation in two ways. First, once you deposit the LSUs into the pool, you no longer have them, and as such if we pull the list of SRWA and Radical Staking delegators from the Radix ledger it will not include your address that had the LSUs prior  to depositing them into the pool. Second, if you were to deposit the LSUs into the pool and try to retrieve them prior to the giveaway draw so that you are shown in the ledger as a SRWA and Radical Staking delegator again, this might not work because you might not be able to retrieve the same LSUs; in other words, if LSUs for SRWA and Radical Staking are no longer available in the pool, you might have to retrieve LSUs for a different validator node to get the LSUs back. As explained by Chris from CaviarNine, “you’re not meant to be guaranteed to be able to remove the exact same LSU. You get shared ownership of the Pool and it is possible you will get different LSUs back if there is insufficient of the one you put in. That’s a feature of the way the pool operates.” Please keep in mind that the CaviarNine team enabled the LSU Pool for participation in their DeFi services only, and it’s your choice whether to participate in CaviarNine LSU Pool for extra earnings, or refrain from participating in the CaviarNine LSU Pool in order to take advantage of airdrops and giveaways in the Radix ecosystem.




🐤  Twitter: @ProjElysium

Project Elysium

🐤 Twitter: @arcanelabyrinth

📣  Arcane Labyrinth Community Channel:

📣  Arcane Labyrinth Announcements Channel:

Arcane Labyrinth

We are currently giving out 10,000 $ARC and 10,000 $CODE to 2 randomly selected delegators every week! There’s no minimum staking amount required, you just need to be a Radical Staking Delegator. $ARC and $CODE are not listed on any DEX yet and there has been no public sale yet, so this is an amazing opportunity to acquire $ARC and $CODE tokens before everyone else! 🤯 Follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the giveaway winner announcements every week, and find out more about our partners through the links below.

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