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We have partnerships with several Radix projects to provide additional value to Radical Staking delegators, and we also have special giveaways for our delegators every now and then. The list below is updated regularly to reflect our latest promotions, so make sure to check it periodically or follow us on Twitter for announcements on the latest promotions, giveaways and token airdrops.

The 10 lucky winners will get away with the following bounty:

1st place: Divine Voyager 65 (

2nd place: Divine Voyager 1 (

3rd place: Divine Voyager 16 (

4th place: Divine Voyager 40 (

5th place: Divine Voyager 44 (

6th place: Divine Voyager 100 (

7th place: Divine Voyager 84 (

8th place: Divine Voyager 25 (

9th place: Divine Voyager 50 (

10th place: Divine Voyager 117 (

Radical Staking has partnered with Divine Voyagers to bring you a giveaway worth 10,000 XRD! 10 lucky winners will each get a Divine Voyagers NFT, which are currently listed on RadLand for 1,000 XRD each. This is the most gorgeous NFT collection on Radix right now, and several have already sold, so it’s a great opportunity to get started with this collection. If you haven't already, check out the collection on RadLand:

The Divine Voyagers themes of multidimensional travel, cosmic energy flow, and transcendence beyond our physical selves through mystic powers are both intriguing and mysterious, and bring a special meaning to the collection. This giveaway ends on Friday March 1, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!


If you already delegate 1,000 XRD or more with the SRWA validator node you're good to go!


If you already delegate 1,000 XRD or more with us you’re good to go!

✅  Like and retweet the giveaway announcement tweet ( at least three friends 

This giveaway will run from February 23 to March 1, and the winners will be announced on March 1 at 11:59 PM UTC, so don’t hesitate and enter it now!

Giveaway FAQ

What is the value of the NFTs you are giving away? Is it likely that I will be able to sell them for 1,000 XRD or more?

The value of the NFTs we are giving away is determined by the market, based on supply and demand. Due to these market volatility factors, we do not guarantee future value for any of the NFTs in this giveaway. Currently the Divine Voyagers NFTs are listed on RadLand for 1,000 XRD each, and several NFTs in the collection have already sold, which indicates that there is demand for this collection in the Radix community.

I won a Divine Voyager, but I wanted a different one. What can I do?

There are several options available, including listing the NFT for sale on RadLand, using NFT sale and trading tools such as Trove and Impahla, and posting a message in the RadLand Telegram channel to ask if anyone wants to trade their Divine Voyager for a different one.




🐤  Twitter: @ProjElysium

Project Elysium

🐤 Twitter: @arcanelabyrinth

📣  Arcane Labyrinth Community Channel:

📣  Arcane Labyrinth Announcements Channel:

Arcane Labyrinth

We are currently giving out 10,000 $ARC and 10,000 $CODE to 2 randomly selected delegators every week! There’s no minimum staking amount required, you just need to be a Radical Staking Delegator. $ARC and $CODE are not listed on any DEX yet and there has been no public sale yet, so this is an amazing opportunity to acquire $ARC and $CODE tokens before everyone else! 🤯 Follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the giveaway winner announcements every week, and find out more about our partners through the links below.

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