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  • Wilson Verardi

Radical Staking is a Xidar Partner Node!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Xidar for their Radix Collection project! Radix Collection is the first game deployed on the Radix network that allows Radix holders to earn NFTs, and Radical Staking delegators will earn exclusive NFT badges from the Radix Collection simply by delegating to our node! Delegate now (or continue delegating) to earn your badges.

Once you've delegated to our node, register your wallet on the Radix Collection website to check which badge you earned and the requirements for the next level. Please keep in mind that a minimum delegation of 500 XRD is needed to qualify.

We plan to incorporate Radix Collection badges in future giveaways and promotions, so your loyalty for staying with us for a long time without unstaking and earning your Radix Collection badges will be rewarded 😉.

Follow the links below to learn more about Radix Collection.





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